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WE thalassotherapy or WE nature?

There is often nothing more effective than a breath of fresh air to disconnect and clear your mind. But why do the sight of a green landscape, the song of birds do us so much good?


Why does nature do us so much good? 

She soothes us 


We all know it, nature brings us calm and zenitude and this is one of the first reasons why we very often need to find it. A simple walk in the forest is a powerful soothing to our minds! When we find ourselves in the middle of the woods, under the protective presence of the trees and the calm that only disturbs the chirping of the birds, some small miracles occur, in our body as in our spirit. In a more natural environment, there are far fewer ambient stimuli than in urbanized spaces, allowing our brain to slow down.

It makes us creative 

Walking in nature would soothe the prefrontal cortex, solicited when you have dark thoughts. Hearing the leaves crunch under our feet, and breathing the fresh air would therefore allow us to be more positive… And thus more creative!

ballade dans la foret_edited.jpg
champ et balancoire_edited.jpg

She invites us to take our time 

With increasingly busy schedules, allowing yourself a moment of relaxation in the middle of nature is also an opportunity to treat yourself to a quiet and timeless break. Taking your time has therefore become essential.

The concept of  slow tourism  reflects this new need we have, that of learning to let go, in response to the increasingly frantic pace of our globalized society.

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